Wednesday, 23 July 2014


So as I said in my last post, I went to Chessington World of Adventures! J Jade’s (who you’ll see in many of these photos) granddad collected the tickets you could get in The Sun newspaper and we ended up going to the adventure park for free! We both had so much fun this day so I thought I would share some photos with you.

First we went straight to the bigger (it is mostly little rides at Chessington as it is aimed at younger people) rides to try and get on as soon as we can before it started getting really packed! The queue for the bigger rides ended up being around 30 minutes (this then became a habit and the waiting time for each ride ended up being around the same time!)

As Jade and I are both big animal lovers we decided to check out what animal shows they presented throughout the day. The first one was the Penguin Show and they were so cute! It was boiling hot on this day so they just decided to swim around in the water, the way they waddle when they get out is so adorable!

We then walked around the other parts of the Zoo and saw some Otters, Lions, and Monkeys and watched the Sea Lion Show. This was way too mesmerising to take pictures of; I couldn’t look away as I didn’t want to miss what they did next!

We then went on loads of other rides including my favourite, Bubble Works! Every time I came to Chessington when I was younger, I HAD to go on this ride. It brings back so many memories now, no matter how much it has changed!

The lights and colours in this ride are really pretty, Jade has a waterproof camera so we could take pictures on all of the rides we went on!

Like the Dragon Falls:

This is like the best ride ever when it’s an extremely hot day!

After this we then bought ourselves some doughnuts:

And then went on a Safari ride:

After this we went back to look at the Gorillas:

Look how small I am compared to a full size Gorilla!!!

After this we went on one last ride/attraction which was extremely trippy! Everything was moving and there were so many colours. It was so confusing!!

So this was our trip to Chessington, I had a really fun day and I hope you enjoyed this post!

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Life since Year 2 ended.

I feel weird saying it but I actually miss university, I miss all my friends who live far away, my cheerleading buddies and I actually miss the classes too.  During the summer I’m working in the Clearing office, which is fun but it’s also tiring, I work 9-5 every day until it ends in September. I know this isn’t a big deal as people do this all the time, but it is when you’re not used to it!

I’ve been trying to keep up blogging on my personal blog ( every other day too since summer has started. The end of the second year in university caused too much stress if I worked, done my assignments and blogged as well! So unfortunately I had to give blogging the boot for a little while. I do enjoy blogging so it was hard to give it up for a while! Although, giving it up did give me some good fortune as I received a 2:1 for my second year which I was really happy about!!

This week I’ve been working, seeing friends and I’m also going to Chessington World of Adventures and I feel like such a kid because I’m so excited!! I haven’t been to Chessington for years now so it’ll be so much fun to go back. I’m just hoping it isn’t busy and isn’t too hot whilst walking around. (Take a guess at what my next post is going to be about!!) My family and I used to go every year for one of my cousins birthdays so it’ll be nice to relive the memories and have a great day on all the rides. I LOVE roller-coasters so this is the perfect day out for me, the faster the better I think! The weather has been amazing as well so I’ve been making the most of it by sitting outside on my lunch break and relaxing in my garden with the book which I’m obsessed with at the moment – Game of Thrones (A Clash of Kings). If you haven’t read it yet, I would highly recommend it! The first one was a bit slow at first but as soon as I started to recognise the characters and get to know them better I fell in love and become obsessed (Not surprising I guess if you have read the books!). Have a good week, guys! J

Tuesday, 1 July 2014


So, now that summer is here I have been working a lot at the office and we have just moved to a much much

bigger room to take all the calls and chats to do with Clearing 2014! It’s going to be super busy but I really enjoyed Clearing last year. The days went so quick because it was so hectic and it was quite a lot of fun with the Teams we were on and I’m hoping it’s like that this year. We’ve also got the university Open Day on Saturday July 5th if anyone is interested in coming! 10am-3pm and it’s open across all campuses.

I feel like every year I talk a lot about doing a lot of different things during my summer holidays but I usually find myself working a heck of a lot and going out with friends on the weekends. This year I hope is different. If you read my last blog post then you’d have read all about what I would LOVE to do this year, whether that gets done or not is a different story. I really hope I do some of it, I feel like I need to spend more time exploring my own city. I’d probably be amazed at half the stuff there is in London that I’ve never seen before.

What I’ve been super excited for recently is actually returning to university in September for my third and final year. It scares me so much to know that this is my final year at university and then once it’s over I’ve got to find a proper job in the big wide world. After university I plan to go into the police force, work for a couple of years and then move to Australia. I’m not sure why but that has always been my dream. It’s scary to know that probably 70% of my third year goes towards my final grade!!!! Eeek! Wish me luck!!!!