Monday, 31 March 2014

The Dreaded April Deadlines

2014 has been my busiest year yet, in between trying to juggle a social life, work and trying to spend some time with my family, I have had mountains of work to do. And it’s not over yet.

April is coming up fast and with it brings the dreaded April deadlines (dun, dun, DUN). Being in my second year now I understand how important it is to work hard and make sure everything is to the best of my ability. (The photo to the left really shows how I’m feeling right now). There is no point in procrastinating any further; (even though I am the procrastination Queen!!) the work isn’t just going to disappear… no matter how much I want it to.

At the moment I have a portfolio, a documentary, a weekly log and two essays…… I better get started! The thing I love about Film Studies is that I enjoy all the subjects to do with the essays. For one of my essays I have to write about the Disney classics Bambi and The Lion King… How amazing!? It’s not work if you love it!

When it comes to the Documentary, we’re making it about Drifting and how it affects families. The other day we went and met up with loads of people who do this for fun and their cars were phenomenal.  Some of them cost up to £12,000 just to get them to look like they do! One car doors opened upwards whilst another one popped smoke when it revved its engine. It was so much fun filming it all because this is what I came to university to do. I love filming as I have a vision in my head of how I want it to look like.

I’m really enjoying my course at the moment and know that if I keep on top of my work and don’t leave it until last minute then I can keep my stress levels down.