Wednesday, 30 April 2014

TOUR 2014

Okay, so if you werent aware, Im part of the Universities Cheerleading team and a few weeks ago we went to Lloret De Mar for a week to celebrate. being a sports team? I guess that counts. Its a week of socialising with your team as well as plenty of others from your university and other universities.

When we arrived we had the whole day to explore and relax in the sun, so of course we decided to jump straight in the pool! It was hot, so its fine, its allowed!! The hotel was alright, pretty basic but it was a cheap holiday so we werent expecting much. The first night we all dressed up as Convicts, and so did the American Football Team because we are a FAMIL-Y! Honestly, on tour, we all really got to know each other and got on all so well. It was honestly the best holiday Ive ever been on before and I literally cannot wait for next year! Going on tour as a fresher was so much fun but I know Im going to have even more fun next year as a returner!

Every night had a theme, and it just made it so much more fun. As well as themes, every night we were pre-drinking with a different sports team of Greenwich, which was exciting and we all got to know A LOT more about each other.

We all got assigned Tour names (mine was Coleslaw.. LONG story), which was absolutely hilarious and so much FUN!!!!! During the day time we could do whatever we wanted, so we usually relaxed around the pool with everyone or went walking into the town to look around. One day we all decided to get braids (so if you walk around Greenwich and see girls with coloured braids, you know they were on tour!) We really got to know each other whilst we were on tour and I literally have nothing but praise for tour.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Time to Wrap up

As the end of my second year is coming up, I wanted to reflect on the past year I’ve had at university. This isn’t my last blog post, but I just felt like reflecting on my year with you guys. When I left Sixth Form, if someone were to say to me that university would be the best experience of your life, I wouldn’t have believed them. Sixth Form for me wasn’t a great experience, so I couldn’t wait to leave. I was at a Sixth Form where you HAD to apply to university, even if you didn’t want to. So, I was wondering if I had made the right decision with coming to university in the first place. Did I make the right decision choosing to live at home? Would the people be nice? Would the work be hard? All these questions were running through my head in the summer of 2012. I had walked around the University of Greenwich before and loved how stunning the architecture was. Was this the only reason I had chosen this university? Sure enough, Greenwich was absolutely beautiful but it was close to home, and I believed that no matter where the university was on the chart, it all depended on whether the student wanted to learn and was willing to learn.

When I arrived on my first day I met the people which I am still friends with now, and ever since that day our friendship group has grown bigger and bigger, to the point where we take up a whole row in the lecture halls! Not only were the people lovely, they were helpful. You would discuss your assignments with one another and help each other out with work. On days when you finished university early, you would all go to the Student Union together or out for lunch. Unfortunately for me in my first year I chose the wrong course and wasn’t enjoying my time at university as much as I should have. Luckily for me I got to change my course in the second year to Film Studies which I absolutely adore doing now. My grades have gotten better since studying this course and also my second year has meant meeting new friends.

At the start of the year I decided to join the Cheerleading squad and I’ve met people that I cannot live without now. Not only through cheerleading but through other people and through my course I have met some amazing friends that I couldn’t imagine being without. Being more social has opened up so many opportunities for me it’s unbelievable. I cannot wait to see what next year has to bring!

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Choosing Options for the Year ahead and TOUR

So the time has come to choose the options for next year and it’s safe to say that I’m so scared it’s unreal. I have around 2 weeks to choose as it is a first come first serve kind of basis; there are only a certain amount of places on each course which is understandable.

So most importantly I can choose between an Advanced project, a Creative Project or a Dissertation. Bearing in mind I chose Film Studies to get away from major theory work, the Dissertation is what I may actually choose. By doing a Dissertation I can write about anything which is similar to my programme. I could write it on (for example) Disney movies or Johnny Depp :P - Wild examples but you get the idea! It’s nerve-racking for me because it’s the final year. This means that next year I’ll have to go out in the big wide world and get a real adult job!!!!! (SCARY!!!) The thought of this petrifies me, and I know it shouldn’t because the university has great opportunities for students and offers such amazing help.

I’ll let you know how the decision making goes!!

This is what I’m really excited for, 4 days in the sun (hopefully) with all my cheerleading and sport team buddies! Tour is when all the university sports teams join up and all go on a holiday together! Of course they compete, but it’s mostly a fun time... and I can’t wait for it. The place itself looks beautiful, and I hope I’m not the only one who wants to take advantage of the time we’ve got out there!

One thing I’m nervous for is the travelling, we are taking a coach and it’s going to take roughly 24 hours. 24 hours of eating, sleeping and drinking and everything else on that one coach!! For me it’s terrifying because I get such bad travel sickness. It’s going to be fun (note the sarcasm) to see how I take being on a coach for 24 hours. As I am a fresher to Cheerleading, we are forbidden to catch a plane there (dammit!) but that’s all in the fun of the experience! Hopefully I survive it and then the good times will begin! And then there’s always the coach ride home… I’ll be posting all about it when I get back, I leave in 2 weeks and I’m super excited!!!!

Wish me luck!!