Wednesday, 22 April 2015


So on April 20th I uploaded my final piece of work, my Dissertation. It makes me really sad to think that my three years at university is over because I don’t want to leave. I’ve met some seriously amazing people and I don’t want them/me to leave. I’m going to miss seeing everyone so much and living the student life.

I’ve got two weeks work experience coming up at my old primary school so that will help towards me getting onto a PGCE. I hope that I’ll get onto the PGCE here at the University of Greenwich, but I can’t guarantee that I’d gain a place so I’m just keeping my fingers crossed. Regardless of the fact that I may or may not be coming back, I still don’t want to leave this degree. Film Studies has been so interesting in so many ways I don’t want to study anything else!

Although this degree has given me so much work to do, (7 assignments in Term 1 and 8 assignments in Term 2) I’ve actually enjoyed doing the work because I find it so interesting (who else can say that they watch films and then write about them as a degree topic?). My university experience has been amazing. I didn’t expect the three years to go the way they have but I’m glad I did. I will miss it!

I’ve had so much fun with my cheerleading squad too, The Greenwich Mermaids. If anyone is thinking about joining: DO IT! It will be the best decision you’d make. The people who I’ve met have been so lovely and supportive of what you do. With the squad there is always someone to talk to. It’s one of the best things I’ve done since joining the university.

I don’t want to leave L

Monday, 6 April 2015

TOUR 2015.

A few weeks ago I arrived back from an amazing holiday with the university sports teams and this makes me really sad. We departed for Lloret de Mar on April 6th and arrived at the hotel at around 11am on the 7th. It was a 20 hour coach journey (which was really tedious after a while) but it wasn’t as bad as last year for me because I took some travel sickness pills! This meant there was no ill feeling for me for the whole 20 hours and it felt so great!!

On the coach on the way there we played Take Me Out with the little coach lights above each seat and played loads of other games to pass the time. When we got to the hotel we each went to our rooms, unpacked and then headed straight to the pool. It was soooo windy on the first day which made it quite cold and then we all went in the pool and put up a few stunts which was fun! I’ve decided I want to fly more as opposed to basing so Tour was a great opportunity to try out flying a lot more. Even though it was windy on the first day I still ended up burning my nose!

Over the course of the week we went to the beach twice (and took loads of tour/cheerleading photos – of course), went to a foam party (which I had to leave early due to an extremely painful eye – annoying I know!!!) and had so much fun getting to know one another. On nights out we all wore the same outfits and all of them looked really good. On the first night the whole University of Greenwich dressed up as Pacman, on the second night we dressed up as Hawaiian Hula women (which was my personal favourite), the third night we were dressed as Nicki Minaj (!!!!) and the final night we were angels and devils (which I also loved).

Here are some photos from Tour:

I had soooo much fun this Tour, the Returners and Freshers got on really well and I got to know some amazing girls and I’m so glad it went well. Last year there wasn’t much bonding but this year everyone got on really well so I’m happy with how this Tour went. I hope the Freshers enjoyed it too!