Friday, 29 May 2015


Last year the university held a summer ball amongst the university grounds and it was amazing. There were festival rides, food stalls and a silent disco but this year it was so. much. better.

This year it was a more festival themed event so the dress code was much more relaxed. I wore a playsuit from Missguided, a kimono from New Look and shoes from Topshop. So I was really comfortable! We arrived quite early because we wanted to have a turn on everything before it got busy. When we first arrived we had a quick go on Twister (which is always fun) and then we had a go (or five) on the bumper cars, these are always my favourite things to go on as they are so much fun. We kept going back to these throughout the night. Then we had a go on the Ferris Wheel which was also really great but quite scary (Im not great with heights FYI). They also had Zorbs, which are quite difficult if youve had a bit to drink - you can NEVER stand back up once youve been knocked over!

They also had a really cute caravan photo booth which had cute bunting around it and loads of fancy dress items inside which you can take the photos with. There was also a donut and candy floss stand which unfortunately I didnt get round too but apparently the doughnuts were amazing and the pricing was really reasonable! There was also a silent disco this year, better toilet facilities, a karaoke tent and a tent with a live band. It was one of the best nights Id had in ages.

One thing which I loved from the night was the big GRE letters and a huge chalkboard which you could write messages on and photograph for memories. Such a great night, thanks University of Greenwich, its been a blast!

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Sports Award :)

On May 1st the Student Union threw an annual event called the Sports Awards where the SU give out awards for students who have either been on a sports team for two years or more or whether they believe that the sports person has done really well in helping their sports team. Its a huge event where everyone dresses up and its genuinely a really fun night to take loads of pictures and eat a two course meal.

When we first arrived we were promptly ushered to our seats as they were bringing out the main course. I had chicken with red wine sauce and dauphinoise potatoes (which if I am totally honest, wasnt my cup of tea). However, they TOTALLY made up for it with dessert. I could have had two of these and would be happy. It was beautiful, warm chocolate molten cake with vanilla ice cream and it was BEAUTIFUL (I have a right sweet tooth if you didnt know already) 
Afterwards they gave out awards. Some of our Mermaids achieved 'Full Colours' and others 'Full Blues'. Unfortunately, the SU had forgotten my award which was a little disappointing but I still had a photograph with Harry (the new president) and my award will be posted to me. 

After this we had opportunities to take photos with our teams and mingle amongst other sports teams. They then put on the music and turned the lights down and we had a bit of a dance before we all went to Sparrows to finish the night! Overall a great night, hopefully next year Ill be able to receive my Full Colours from being on a Sports Team for 3 years. 

Fingers crossed!

Here is a picture of what I wore to Sports Awards. My dress and heels are both from Missguided (you can get student discount on Unidays - SO worth it) and my bag was from Primark.