Friday, 19 June 2015

Cereal Killers Cafe

The other week Jade and I decided to give Cereal Killers Cafe a visit as we are both obsessed with cereal and had seen good reviews. We went to the one in Shoreditch, which was the first shop they opened, a second one being opened in Camden a few months ago. It was set back a bit and was a little difficult to find but once we did, we knew we had arrived in the right place. Why? BECAUSE OF THE QUEUE. We were waiting for about 15 minutes to even get served but once we did we understood why it took so long in the first place.
There were SO MANY different types of cereal, it was so difficult to choose just one! Then there were the toppings which we had to consider, and even the type of milk to have on our cereal!

You could choose three cereals to mix, so I decided to go for Frozen marshmallows, Herseys Cookies and Cream and Lucky Charms St Patrickss Day. For toppings I went for Mars Mix, Reeses Pieces and extra Marshmallows. We both chose semi-skimmed milk and for a drink we had Cream Soda. 

There wasnt much seating upstairs because the queue took up most of the room but there was a downstairs, so after we poured golden syrup over our cereals (just to add to the overly sweetness) we made our way downstairs and seemed to have stepped into a 1990s style bedroom which held tons of 90s memorabilia and old style TVs.

After a Instagram worthy photoshoot, we tucked in and even though the bowls dont look considerably huge, trust me they were! Jade and I felt so full afterwards but would I go back again? HELL YEAH. It was so good! Next time I think well try the Camden one though...

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Mermaid Awards

The other week my Cheerleading Squad held their annual Mermaid Awards which is an event where all the cheerleaders are recognised for their hard work throughout the year. There are some funny awards too, so the evening is a lighthearted and fun event to attend. This year is was held in Greenwich and we had the whole of the upstairs of the pub to ourselves to drink, eat and receive our awards.

This year, there were around 6 awards which received a plaque, a cute bow keyring and a certificate, then other awards received bows and a certificate. The bows were really cute, so Ive put my one on my keys, other people put theirs on their bags. Because YES I WON AN AWARD! And I couldnt be happier with the award I received this year. Last year I received Take it on the Shoulder Award which was showing that I can take some banter! This year my award was more focused on my cheerleading career. Committee on the Mermaids decided that I should be the one to get the Most Improved Flyer Award and I love it!

Last year I didnt fly at all, I mainly based. But this year, I was hit by the flying bug and started loving it! I was also really happy with the comments that committee made along with my award, they said that they were surprised by my technique and wished that I had started flying earlier on! So I couldnt be more pleased. It made me want to fly more and become better than what I am!

I cant wait to see what award Ill get next year! Bring on 2016 cheer!