Friday, 27 February 2015


So all the hard work my squad put in is finally over. This actually makes me really sad, I miss practices where we do full out routines one after the other. It’s really tiring but so rewarding! We competed in both Level 1 Co-ed and Level 2 Co-ed and it was an amazing atmosphere.

We had to leave ridiculously early as the competition was in Birmingham so we had to meet at our university campus at 3am (I KNOW RIGHT!?) and we stopped off at McDonalds as we were running a little early (obviously McDonalds was the best choice of breakfast on the day of competition) and then we arrived at about 7am at the Genting Arena. Most of the other squads already had gotten ready with their cheer hair and makeup and their cheer bows! So we went in, got our seats (which we had an amazing view from) and started getting ready.

First up were our dance groups for Jazz and Pom, they did so well and looked so good! Level 1 were up first which is what I was competing in this time. I was super nervous because I was flying a stunt as well so if I fell it wouldn’t be good! I was worried in the warm up because my stunt wasn’t going up but luckily I had the support of my squad and everything went really well! We were all in time; we looked clean and had so much sass!

This picture was us just before we were about to compete! Try to spot me! It’s a great feeling putting on our uniform and our bows. We had new bows for this competition as our old coach made them which was really sweet of her!

Next up was Level 2 who were equally as great. For the rest of the day we could relax, buy some Cheerleading merchandise from Future Cheer (the best kind of merchandise, I bought a really cute bow!) and watch all the other squads routines which is my favourite part. It’s really interesting to see what type of stunts and tumbles they’ve incorporated into their routine. Some are so imaginative and look fantastic. It really makes you want to try harder and get better yourself.

I had so much fun competing with my squad, I can’t wait for our next competition! Watch this space!