Saturday, 26 September 2015


So at the end of August, my friend Jade and I decided to jet off to Rome for a few days as a graduation present to ourselves. We had thought about going away together for a while now and thought Rome was the perfect place to go.

We flew out on a Sunday and was there for three nights and I personally think this was the perfect amount of time to spend out in the city. I had an amazing time, I saw everything I wanted to (even though the Colosseum had some scaffolding on and the Trevi fountain was under construction) and tasted everything I wanted to as well, so overall it was a really amazing trip.

On the first day we got on our Hop-On-Hop-Off bus (which was only a 10 minute walk from our hotel) and our first stop was Palantine Hill and the Roman Forum and after was the Colosseum as this was what we both wanted to see the most. It was breathtaking. Luckily there werent huge queues and we got in extremely quickly (queue jump is my best friend). Im glad we visited Palantine Hill and the Roman Forum but if Im honest I wasnt totally blown away. The ruins were surreal to look at (how have they lasted so long?) but after a while it got a bit samey so we headed to the Colosseum which Jade and I both enjoyed.

For dinner we headed to a restaurant which was a two minute walk from the Colosseum and I got a HUGE pizza which was delicious. I have to admit, I was expecting Rome to be crazy expensive but it really wasnt! The most we were paying for a meal was twelve euros each and that was for a main and a drink. After dinner we then went down to a bar with a view of the Colosseum which looked amazing of a night.

On the second day our main goal was to visit Vatican City. It was crazy hot on this day as we had to wearing things which covered our shoulders and knees but it was so worth it. We visited the museums and St Peters and the Sistine Chapel and they were all so breathtaking. The only downside was that the museums were PACKED, and when I say packed, I mean packed. We were like sardines in a tin (can you imagine that in that heat?). After this we then went to visit the Pantheon, the Trevi and Baroque fountains and The Spanish Steps (which was a bit of a let down as well). As well as all of these places we also visited other churches and cute little side streets and had tons of time to do a bit of tourist shopping as well.
Ive gotta say, the Italians know their food. I dont think Ive ever eaten so much good food whilst being on holiday. Ive also never eaten that much cheese (it made me unwell when I came back home!!) but I can now say Ive had traditional Italian dishes whilst in Italy. Their ice-cream is beautiful, as are their Cannolis (which we brought back home with us), and their pasta, risotto and everything else we tried was amazing.

I had a great time in Italy so Im quite sad to be home!!!!

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Life lately…

After graduation, life has been a whirlwind. I’ve been working non-stop for the university and I’ve also booked a short break to visit Rome with my best friend Jade (I’ll probably be writing a blog post on that once I get back – also, if anyone has been to Rome, please give me some recommendations as to where to visit!)

So what have I been up to? Well, apart from working I’ve been attempting to look for graduate jobs and realising how hard it is. My contract with the university runs out at the end of October so I don’t have too long in order to find another job.

As well as this I’ve been debating whether to return to the University of Greenwich’s Cheerleading Team. If you’ve been continuously reading my blog then you’re aware how much I love cheerleading and how sad I would be if I had to give it up! The main reason for possibly giving cheer up would be due to work commitments (and seeing as I have been struggling with this – it isn’t a huge problemL), I’m basically just thinking ahead. I would obviously love to keep cheering. The people are so lovely and it’s such an amazing sport (If you follow the University of Greenwich’s Twitter account then you’ll have seen this picture of me flying at work! This was to show what graduates would miss most about university. Mine was cheerleading).

I’ve also been trying to keep on top of my blog lately ( if you want a read!) and I’ve also started up my own YouTube Channel which I was really excited about. I’ve been wanting to start one for years now (since I started my blog) and finally got round to doing it a few weeks back.

What have you guys been up to?

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Join Cheer

So it’s almost time for the new academic year to begin and it’s also time to think about recruiting new people for Cheerleading!

If you’ve read my blog before you’ll see that I do love Cheerleading and I’m so happy that I joined in my second year of university. It’s a great way to stay in shape, improve flexibility and of course to meet some great new people. Both men and women are welcome as we compete in co-ed (mixed) competitions.

So, what is cheerleading? We get together twice a week for practice and this is when we learn the routine which we shall take to competitions. We normally do some stretching, learning the routine, and sometimes conditioning and finally a cooling down period which is also mainly stretching.

Competitive cheerleading is a mix of dance, cheer, tumbling and stunting all put together into a two and a half minute routine. It’s hard work (as some people have to lift others, whilst the flyers are being thrown into the air) but it’s so rewarding when you successfully put forward a routine. Our last competition was at the end of June, where I *sprained* my ankle (I think it’s actually more than a sprain as this was 7 weeks ago now and it still hasn’t healed! Maybe I should get it looked at again…) but it was an overall enjoyable competition!

Of course, it’s not just competitive cheerleading, we have fun practices. Like a few months ago the squad had an army *Smoed* themed practice and I sadly missed it but it looked like so much fun! We also hold soooo many socials, there’s a Team Greenwich event at Sparrows every Wednesday. It’s not all drinking though, we do hold other events for the non-drinkers (although you are welcome to come along to Sparrows if you don’t drink of course!!!), and we go out for meals and have movie events at the university.

There’s also a DANCE SQUAD and a SPIRIT SQUAD if you don’t want to be on the cheer team itself. The SPIRIT SQUAD goes to other Team Greenwich games such as American Football and we cheer them on with our pom poms (obviously poms had to be in there somewhere), afterwards Cheer and American Football go out for a few drinks to all get to know one another.

For the DANCE SQUAD, they usually compete at the same competitions as the CHEERLEADING COMPEITIVE SQUAD and they compete at regional and national levels in Pom, Hip Hop and Jazz.

And then of course there’s TOUR, which Team Greenwich goes to every year. I’ve been twice now and it will be my third time next year! It’s an amazing experience and if you join Cheer (or any other sports team) I would recommend going, it’s so much fun and you get to know your squad so much better. You don’t have to be a drinker to go on Tour, you can come and enjoy yourself without drink!

Our Cheerleading squad is full of lovely people, so you can come along and see us at both of the Freshers Fairs (Greenwich 24th September/Avery Hill 22nd September) and have a chat with us about joining. See you in September! J

Saturday, 8 August 2015

What am I going to do now?

So, now I’ve graduated from University of Greenwich, I have to decide what I’m going to do with my life now. Of course at first I was interested in a career in Film. I still am, I think it would be an amazing career. Imagine that, working on a set of a film! To me, it sounds like great fun. However, I’m not the only one who thinks this type of job sounds great and therefore struggled to find a job in this sort of area.

So I decided to think about what other careers I was interested in. I remembered that when I completed a few weeks work experience at a local primary school for secondary school work experience that I really enjoyed it. But I wasn’t sure that I would enjoy doing it full time and for the rest of my life so I decided to get some more experience to make sure.

I began some more work experience at another primary school for two more weeks, and even though it was exhausting (they were a year 5 class), it was really rewarding. To see them learn and enjoy class was amazing and was extremely enjoyable. To work in a field where you are helping others, to me, sounds great.

After this I decided the time was right for me to make an application to the University of Greenwich for a PGCE in Primary Education. Luckily, this is funded by Student Finance England otherwise it wouldn’t be possible for me to complete it. I went to an interview and was put on a waiting list, a few weeks after this I was given a conditional offer. The only thing that held me back was the Skills Test. I had taken the Numeracy Skills test twice and failed both times, I’m not sure why, because I revised, but maybe (*obviously*) I should have studied more…

So what’s in store for me now? I think I’m going to work for now and reapply for the PGCE next year, which gives me plenty of time to revise for the Numeracy Skills Test. I’m also going to apply for Camp America. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and I can’t wait!

Taking a year out to do other things can be scary, but they will be worth it.

Sunday, 19 July 2015


The time has finally come for me to graduate! And it feels so weird saying so. My graduation time was at 4:30 but we had to be there an hour and a quarter before so we had enough time to be robed and have our professional photos done.

When we arrived it felt so surreal to see all my friends and classmates in their gowns and mortarboards already. We all said our ‘Hello’s’ and hugged and had photos taken by our parents and family members. My dad took some really nice ‘in-between’ shots to show the real emotion of the day!

It was SO hot this day, and the gowns were really thick so I was struggling a little bit but it was such a lovely day.

I also received my Full Colours for my contribution towards Cheerleading so I was really pleased. After we had some photos done I decided to get my professional photograph taken, so my parents and I headed in to get them done before we had to be seated in the Chapel.

The photographer was really nice and allowed us to take our own photos as well as his. He sorted out my gown, my hat and even my hair (he went all out to make sure I had a nice photo).

Just before we had to go up to get our award I was so scared. I was the first one to be called so it was really frightening! Luckily Jade took some nice pictures of me during my moment!

Overall it was an extremely beautiful day, it was so nice to share the experience with my parents and I hope they’re proud.

Friday, 10 July 2015


At the end of June the Mermaids headed to Stratford to compete in our last competition of the academic year. Everyone was nervous but we were prepared. This was the very first competition where I wasn’t nervous and was actually excited to compete! It was also the first competition where I was flying, as opposed to basing.

The routine was creative, we knew it like the back of our hands, so we were all confident.

When we arrived, the atmosphere was amazing, we all received our ‘athlete’ wristbands and went to take a look at the arena. The stage was big, although smaller than some we’ve competed on, and the lighting on the stage was dramatic which helped with the overall feeling of the competition. The seating was tiered and went up quite high so it was quite daunting I’m not gonna lie!!! Everyone was walking about in their uniforms with their hair and makeup ready for their routine.

As we looked around we saw soooooo much merchandise. There were tons of bows in all different colours with loads of different patterns including glitter (there was a load of glitter). There were also loads of cheer tops and sweaters, and a lot of Nike clothing too.

When we went backstage to warm up, that was when the nerves kicked in. We saw other squads practising their routines and were cheering on others as they completed a full out. We stretched, practised jumps, stunts, tumbling and warmed up so we didn’t injure ourselves (although this didn’t work for me (!!!!) unfortunately).

Then it was our time to compete and showcase our routine to the judges. It was exhilarating and the feeling was incredible. Going out there and competing with great people is an amazing feeling. We worked hard together in order to make the routine look good, and luckily we had no stunt falls or bobbles!!
Unfortunately, at the beginning of the routine, I came down funny from a stunt and twisted my ankle which was very painful. But I had to carry on! I wasn’t going to let my team down just because of a sprained ankle. Although its still very painful and swollen I had to carry on for my squad. It’s been 3 weeks now and it still hasn’t healed so hopefully it does soon!

I had an amazing last competition, and can’t wait to be reunited with my squad in September!

Friday, 19 June 2015

Cereal Killers Cafe

The other week Jade and I decided to give Cereal Killers Cafe a visit as we are both obsessed with cereal and had seen good reviews. We went to the one in Shoreditch, which was the first shop they opened, a second one being opened in Camden a few months ago. It was set back a bit and was a little difficult to find but once we did, we knew we had arrived in the right place. Why? BECAUSE OF THE QUEUE. We were waiting for about 15 minutes to even get served but once we did we understood why it took so long in the first place.
There were SO MANY different types of cereal, it was so difficult to choose just one! Then there were the toppings which we had to consider, and even the type of milk to have on our cereal!

You could choose three cereals to mix, so I decided to go for Frozen marshmallows, Herseys Cookies and Cream and Lucky Charms St Patrickss Day. For toppings I went for Mars Mix, Reeses Pieces and extra Marshmallows. We both chose semi-skimmed milk and for a drink we had Cream Soda. 

There wasnt much seating upstairs because the queue took up most of the room but there was a downstairs, so after we poured golden syrup over our cereals (just to add to the overly sweetness) we made our way downstairs and seemed to have stepped into a 1990s style bedroom which held tons of 90s memorabilia and old style TVs.

After a Instagram worthy photoshoot, we tucked in and even though the bowls dont look considerably huge, trust me they were! Jade and I felt so full afterwards but would I go back again? HELL YEAH. It was so good! Next time I think well try the Camden one though...

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Mermaid Awards

The other week my Cheerleading Squad held their annual Mermaid Awards which is an event where all the cheerleaders are recognised for their hard work throughout the year. There are some funny awards too, so the evening is a lighthearted and fun event to attend. This year is was held in Greenwich and we had the whole of the upstairs of the pub to ourselves to drink, eat and receive our awards.

This year, there were around 6 awards which received a plaque, a cute bow keyring and a certificate, then other awards received bows and a certificate. The bows were really cute, so Ive put my one on my keys, other people put theirs on their bags. Because YES I WON AN AWARD! And I couldnt be happier with the award I received this year. Last year I received Take it on the Shoulder Award which was showing that I can take some banter! This year my award was more focused on my cheerleading career. Committee on the Mermaids decided that I should be the one to get the Most Improved Flyer Award and I love it!

Last year I didnt fly at all, I mainly based. But this year, I was hit by the flying bug and started loving it! I was also really happy with the comments that committee made along with my award, they said that they were surprised by my technique and wished that I had started flying earlier on! So I couldnt be more pleased. It made me want to fly more and become better than what I am!

I cant wait to see what award Ill get next year! Bring on 2016 cheer!

Friday, 29 May 2015


Last year the university held a summer ball amongst the university grounds and it was amazing. There were festival rides, food stalls and a silent disco but this year it was so. much. better.

This year it was a more festival themed event so the dress code was much more relaxed. I wore a playsuit from Missguided, a kimono from New Look and shoes from Topshop. So I was really comfortable! We arrived quite early because we wanted to have a turn on everything before it got busy. When we first arrived we had a quick go on Twister (which is always fun) and then we had a go (or five) on the bumper cars, these are always my favourite things to go on as they are so much fun. We kept going back to these throughout the night. Then we had a go on the Ferris Wheel which was also really great but quite scary (Im not great with heights FYI). They also had Zorbs, which are quite difficult if youve had a bit to drink - you can NEVER stand back up once youve been knocked over!

They also had a really cute caravan photo booth which had cute bunting around it and loads of fancy dress items inside which you can take the photos with. There was also a donut and candy floss stand which unfortunately I didnt get round too but apparently the doughnuts were amazing and the pricing was really reasonable! There was also a silent disco this year, better toilet facilities, a karaoke tent and a tent with a live band. It was one of the best nights Id had in ages.

One thing which I loved from the night was the big GRE letters and a huge chalkboard which you could write messages on and photograph for memories. Such a great night, thanks University of Greenwich, its been a blast!

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Sports Award :)

On May 1st the Student Union threw an annual event called the Sports Awards where the SU give out awards for students who have either been on a sports team for two years or more or whether they believe that the sports person has done really well in helping their sports team. Its a huge event where everyone dresses up and its genuinely a really fun night to take loads of pictures and eat a two course meal.

When we first arrived we were promptly ushered to our seats as they were bringing out the main course. I had chicken with red wine sauce and dauphinoise potatoes (which if I am totally honest, wasnt my cup of tea). However, they TOTALLY made up for it with dessert. I could have had two of these and would be happy. It was beautiful, warm chocolate molten cake with vanilla ice cream and it was BEAUTIFUL (I have a right sweet tooth if you didnt know already) 
Afterwards they gave out awards. Some of our Mermaids achieved 'Full Colours' and others 'Full Blues'. Unfortunately, the SU had forgotten my award which was a little disappointing but I still had a photograph with Harry (the new president) and my award will be posted to me. 

After this we had opportunities to take photos with our teams and mingle amongst other sports teams. They then put on the music and turned the lights down and we had a bit of a dance before we all went to Sparrows to finish the night! Overall a great night, hopefully next year Ill be able to receive my Full Colours from being on a Sports Team for 3 years. 

Fingers crossed!

Here is a picture of what I wore to Sports Awards. My dress and heels are both from Missguided (you can get student discount on Unidays - SO worth it) and my bag was from Primark.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015


So on April 20th I uploaded my final piece of work, my Dissertation. It makes me really sad to think that my three years at university is over because I don’t want to leave. I’ve met some seriously amazing people and I don’t want them/me to leave. I’m going to miss seeing everyone so much and living the student life.

I’ve got two weeks work experience coming up at my old primary school so that will help towards me getting onto a PGCE. I hope that I’ll get onto the PGCE here at the University of Greenwich, but I can’t guarantee that I’d gain a place so I’m just keeping my fingers crossed. Regardless of the fact that I may or may not be coming back, I still don’t want to leave this degree. Film Studies has been so interesting in so many ways I don’t want to study anything else!

Although this degree has given me so much work to do, (7 assignments in Term 1 and 8 assignments in Term 2) I’ve actually enjoyed doing the work because I find it so interesting (who else can say that they watch films and then write about them as a degree topic?). My university experience has been amazing. I didn’t expect the three years to go the way they have but I’m glad I did. I will miss it!

I’ve had so much fun with my cheerleading squad too, The Greenwich Mermaids. If anyone is thinking about joining: DO IT! It will be the best decision you’d make. The people who I’ve met have been so lovely and supportive of what you do. With the squad there is always someone to talk to. It’s one of the best things I’ve done since joining the university.

I don’t want to leave L

Monday, 6 April 2015

TOUR 2015.

A few weeks ago I arrived back from an amazing holiday with the university sports teams and this makes me really sad. We departed for Lloret de Mar on April 6th and arrived at the hotel at around 11am on the 7th. It was a 20 hour coach journey (which was really tedious after a while) but it wasn’t as bad as last year for me because I took some travel sickness pills! This meant there was no ill feeling for me for the whole 20 hours and it felt so great!!

On the coach on the way there we played Take Me Out with the little coach lights above each seat and played loads of other games to pass the time. When we got to the hotel we each went to our rooms, unpacked and then headed straight to the pool. It was soooo windy on the first day which made it quite cold and then we all went in the pool and put up a few stunts which was fun! I’ve decided I want to fly more as opposed to basing so Tour was a great opportunity to try out flying a lot more. Even though it was windy on the first day I still ended up burning my nose!

Over the course of the week we went to the beach twice (and took loads of tour/cheerleading photos – of course), went to a foam party (which I had to leave early due to an extremely painful eye – annoying I know!!!) and had so much fun getting to know one another. On nights out we all wore the same outfits and all of them looked really good. On the first night the whole University of Greenwich dressed up as Pacman, on the second night we dressed up as Hawaiian Hula women (which was my personal favourite), the third night we were dressed as Nicki Minaj (!!!!) and the final night we were angels and devils (which I also loved).

Here are some photos from Tour:

I had soooo much fun this Tour, the Returners and Freshers got on really well and I got to know some amazing girls and I’m so glad it went well. Last year there wasn’t much bonding but this year everyone got on really well so I’m happy with how this Tour went. I hope the Freshers enjoyed it too! 

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Dissertation on Disney.

This year is my final year at university. *Sad face* and this year I decided to write a dissertation instead of creating a short film or a magazine. I know, crazy right!?

Before you start thinking I’m mad because I chose to write 10,000 words on one subject, let me just explain what I’m actually writing my dissertation about!

I’ve decided to write it on Disney. It. Is. Great. I’m one of the very few people that are actually enjoying writing their dissertation. I’m not writing on just any Disney film either, I’m writing on the Disney Princesses. Not many people can say they enjoy what they write about J I mean, I’m in the library watching Disney movies! And it’s actually for my work! I’m mainly focusing on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, The Little Mermaid and Frozen.

To be fair though, it’s not all watching films (I almost cried over the ending to Beauty and the Beast in the library the other day – how sad). I have had to do a lot of research into the films themselves and into feminist film theory. My thesis is about how both men and women are represented in the films, and how the relationships between the two are portrayed. I still find it pretty interesting but going through feminist film theory is a bit dull after a while.

I have to admit, it is pretty difficult to find books about the Disney Princesses and even harder to find books about gender representations within the Disney animations. I can hardly find books about Disney’s Frozen!! I am enjoying it though. I’m a feminist so to research this is interesting (even if it does get extremely boring). What’s your Dissertation about?

Sunday, 1 March 2015


Playboy and this year it was Carnival theme! I was super excited because I had bought my entire outfit and was so excited to see what everyone else was wearing!

I got all of my outfit accessories from eBay. I got a feather headdress, feather wings and extra feathers. When they arrived I glued the extra feathers to the headdress and the feather wings to make them appear bigger. I then went over the feather wings with gold glitter paint to give them a bit of extra sparkle!

The night went really well and everyone looked amazing. We had stalls selling sweets, a lucky dip box, girls selling shots, a piƱata and we also had limbo which went down really well and everyone had so much fun. The music was really popular as well and just as doors closed it got so busy. American Football Mariners won the prize for most people from one sports team. It’s nice to have the support from our friends and other sports teams as well.

I felt like I got to know my Mermaids so much better because everyone was relaxed and enjoying themselves. We made quite a lot of money so we were all really pleased with how the night went. 

Here are some pictures from the night.

Mermaid love xox

Friday, 27 February 2015


So all the hard work my squad put in is finally over. This actually makes me really sad, I miss practices where we do full out routines one after the other. It’s really tiring but so rewarding! We competed in both Level 1 Co-ed and Level 2 Co-ed and it was an amazing atmosphere.

We had to leave ridiculously early as the competition was in Birmingham so we had to meet at our university campus at 3am (I KNOW RIGHT!?) and we stopped off at McDonalds as we were running a little early (obviously McDonalds was the best choice of breakfast on the day of competition) and then we arrived at about 7am at the Genting Arena. Most of the other squads already had gotten ready with their cheer hair and makeup and their cheer bows! So we went in, got our seats (which we had an amazing view from) and started getting ready.

First up were our dance groups for Jazz and Pom, they did so well and looked so good! Level 1 were up first which is what I was competing in this time. I was super nervous because I was flying a stunt as well so if I fell it wouldn’t be good! I was worried in the warm up because my stunt wasn’t going up but luckily I had the support of my squad and everything went really well! We were all in time; we looked clean and had so much sass!

This picture was us just before we were about to compete! Try to spot me! It’s a great feeling putting on our uniform and our bows. We had new bows for this competition as our old coach made them which was really sweet of her!

Next up was Level 2 who were equally as great. For the rest of the day we could relax, buy some Cheerleading merchandise from Future Cheer (the best kind of merchandise, I bought a really cute bow!) and watch all the other squads routines which is my favourite part. It’s really interesting to see what type of stunts and tumbles they’ve incorporated into their routine. Some are so imaginative and look fantastic. It really makes you want to try harder and get better yourself.

I had so much fun competing with my squad, I can’t wait for our next competition! Watch this space! 

Friday, 30 January 2015

Year 3 = stress!

So the fact that I’m in my third and final year is finally starting to sink in now. Last term I had 8 deadlines and this term I have 7. Crazy right? Last term the stress levels were high but I managed to stay relatively calm. I have my dissertation due in this term in April and I’ve managed to write about 2,500 words. Not my best but better than nothing! I guess that’s a positive way to look at it…? I’m gonna say it is! I also have a script due in which is 25 pages long and has to be binded professionally. Then on top of that I have essays and portfolios too!

Although I’m saying I’m stressing out a little bit, I’m actually really proud of myself with the grades I’ve received so far. On one of my essays which is worth 40% I got a first and then on a creative project which is worth 50% I received a high 2:1 so I’m pleased that all the hard work I’m putting in is paying off! I graduate this year as well and my third year is worth 75% so I know I have to put in as much hard work as possible!

I feel like all I talk about on this blog is cheerleading and stress but I swear university isn’t all about these two things! It’s really fun and I never want to leave! Of course everyone’s experience at uni is different but I’ve loved it. I’m scared to graduate and go out into the real world!

Wednesday, 28 January 2015


It’s true; lately I have been obsessed with cheerleading. Over Christmas I was bitten by the cheer bug
and now I’m obsessed. For Christmas I received some lovely gym gear which is great for practice and a beautiful cheer bag which is helpful for our competitions! Over the past few weeks I’ve also watched two seasons of Cheerleaders on Awesomeness TV on YouTube (the episodes only run for 10 minutes each so don’t judge me!) which has really given me loads of motivation!

I’ve been trying my hardest to stretch every day and I’ve actually managed to scorp! (SEE THE PICTURE!!!) It’s a long stretching process and I’m not perfect but if I continue to stretch then hopefully I’ll be there soon! I’m really happy with the results so far though. If you have any stretching tips I’d love to hear them!

I’ve also been stretching for heel stretch and splits, I’ve been following one video on YouTube in particular and within the first few days I noticed loads of progress. Unfortunately I’ve managed to strain one of my muscles and now I’ve lost it all! It’s so painful when I attempt to do these stretches so I now need to rest it from now till competition (which is only like just over 2 weeks away which is crazy scary!!!!).

We’ve been having practice twice a week and from next week we’ll have practice three times a week (!!) so it’s going to be tiring but it’s all worth it when you see your routine come together. Last night we done a full out with the music and it was great, I was so buzzing after we done it! I also got a new cheer bow in blue with gold writing (our colours) with ‘STACEY’ on one side and ‘MERMAIDS’ on the other. I love it!

We’re planning on competing in more competitions this year which I’m excited about. I do love competing, it’s so much fun and when you’re on stage it’s an unreal feeling you get. The amount of adrenaline is so mad! Just before I go on I feel super nervous, but when you’re competing you have to do your best. Not just for yourself but for your squad.

Also, if you do go to this university, you may see some of the cheerleaders around as we’re selling heart shaped lollies for Valentine’s Day! They are £1.50 for 1 or £2 for 2. If you are interested you can find us on Twitter (@uog_mermaids) or on Facebook (University of Greenwich Cheerleading Squad 2014/2015). You can add a personalised message for your crush/love as well J

You can find out more information about our squad here:

Hope you’re all okay!