Saturday, 26 September 2015


So at the end of August, my friend Jade and I decided to jet off to Rome for a few days as a graduation present to ourselves. We had thought about going away together for a while now and thought Rome was the perfect place to go.

We flew out on a Sunday and was there for three nights and I personally think this was the perfect amount of time to spend out in the city. I had an amazing time, I saw everything I wanted to (even though the Colosseum had some scaffolding on and the Trevi fountain was under construction) and tasted everything I wanted to as well, so overall it was a really amazing trip.

On the first day we got on our Hop-On-Hop-Off bus (which was only a 10 minute walk from our hotel) and our first stop was Palantine Hill and the Roman Forum and after was the Colosseum as this was what we both wanted to see the most. It was breathtaking. Luckily there werent huge queues and we got in extremely quickly (queue jump is my best friend). Im glad we visited Palantine Hill and the Roman Forum but if Im honest I wasnt totally blown away. The ruins were surreal to look at (how have they lasted so long?) but after a while it got a bit samey so we headed to the Colosseum which Jade and I both enjoyed.

For dinner we headed to a restaurant which was a two minute walk from the Colosseum and I got a HUGE pizza which was delicious. I have to admit, I was expecting Rome to be crazy expensive but it really wasnt! The most we were paying for a meal was twelve euros each and that was for a main and a drink. After dinner we then went down to a bar with a view of the Colosseum which looked amazing of a night.

On the second day our main goal was to visit Vatican City. It was crazy hot on this day as we had to wearing things which covered our shoulders and knees but it was so worth it. We visited the museums and St Peters and the Sistine Chapel and they were all so breathtaking. The only downside was that the museums were PACKED, and when I say packed, I mean packed. We were like sardines in a tin (can you imagine that in that heat?). After this we then went to visit the Pantheon, the Trevi and Baroque fountains and The Spanish Steps (which was a bit of a let down as well). As well as all of these places we also visited other churches and cute little side streets and had tons of time to do a bit of tourist shopping as well.
Ive gotta say, the Italians know their food. I dont think Ive ever eaten so much good food whilst being on holiday. Ive also never eaten that much cheese (it made me unwell when I came back home!!) but I can now say Ive had traditional Italian dishes whilst in Italy. Their ice-cream is beautiful, as are their Cannolis (which we brought back home with us), and their pasta, risotto and everything else we tried was amazing.

I had a great time in Italy so Im quite sad to be home!!!!

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