Wednesday, 29 October 2014


So as the school year has begun, so has cheerleading and we already have a load of new girls that are loving it! At the moment in cheer the newbies are having an hour and a half of training, we’re just teaching them how to base, fly and all the cheerleading moves! Last week we were practicing step up to extension and at our last practice session we were practicing basket tosses, everyone was really amazing! After the newbies leave we have the next hour and a half to practice for the upcoming competition Winter Wonderland!

I honestly love cheerleading and I’m so glad I decided to join; you meet the loveliest people and create some friends for life! If you’ve read my blog before then you will realise how much I enjoy it! Not only do you meet friends from cheerleading but also from other sports teams as we all do socials together. 

Tonight we have a social with Women’s Football and we’re all dressing up as Cowboys! 

Also initiations is coming up soon which is going to be so much fun! We’re not as harsh as some of the other sports teams though! Then there’s tour which I have created a blog post for when I returned and it was probably one of the best experience of my life! 

I literally cannot wait to return next year. Not only is it good for socialising but it’s also great for flexibility and fitness. You learn loads of new things and is great for your health. 

It really is worth a try, you can view more information about cheerleading here:

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Cheap Halloween Costumes for Students

Everyone knows Halloween is a time for students to go out and have a good time with friends. Sparrows this year is throwing a Halloween party and it’s the perfect excuse to dress up! If like me you’re a little confused as to what outfit to wear, never fear! I am here today to help you with some cheap and cheerful outfits.

Boohoo this year have put a whole section of their website aside for Halloween in particular, and as Halloween is fast approaching (and even if you have parties after Halloween), Boohoo have a great selection of snazzy outfits for you to wear. Plus one of the great things about this as well is that it is only £1.99 for speedy delivery so it’s sure you’ll get it on time!!

Dressy Halloween outfits:
So if you’re going to a house party (or even if you’re not and you still want to be a part of Halloween), velvet is big for Halloween parties and Boohoo have a lot of it! Even if velvet is not your thing, they have loads of cheap items. For as little as £12 you could go as a tiger and feel and look the part! Here are some dressy outfits:

Lulu Lace Bandeu Skater Dress - £15
This comes in a variety of beautiful colours!
Sacha Tiger Long Sleeve Bodycon Dress - £12
Vera Velvet Pocket Front Shorts - £12
These also come in a few lovely colours!

Actual fancy dress outfits:
If you’re the type to go all out on Halloween, I’ve found tons of fancy dress costumes that you’ll be interested in! I found them on and also on and they have a huge variety and also a part where it gives you ideas! Here are a couple I found:

Platoon Sergeant Elias Costume - £27.49
(You save £10) From
Adult The Joker Complete Costume – £29.98
(You save £21.01) From
Men’s Prisoner Overalls Costume - £14.99
From Party Delights
Adult Skeleton Baby Halloween Novelty Dress - £19.99
(You save £8) From

Women’s Wicked Witch Costume - £9.09
(Was £12.99) From Party Delights

High School Horror Zombie Schoolgirl Costume ­- £21.98
(You save £8.01) From
Somewhere inbetween outfits:
Not the type to go all out but still want to feel part of it? I have perfect outfit ideas for you:

Gloss Bone Printed T-Shirt - £6
This also comes in white!
Novelty Devil Onesie – £20
Maria Pumpkin Print Dress - £18
This also comes in orange!
Riley Slash Back Long Sleeve Midi Dress - £15
Georgina Pumpkin Face Long Sleeve Body - £8
This also comes in black!
Suzie Skeleton Print Leggings - £10
Hayley Pumpkin Black Vest & Short PJ Set - £12
Great for a movie night sleepover!
Novelty Tiger Onesie - £20
Novelty Penguin Onesie - £25
Myla Skull Print Long Sleeve Bodycon Dress - £12
Rachel ¾ Sleeve Leopard Print Bodycon Dress - £12
So that was my cheap Halloween costume guideline, I hope you found it useful and have a fun but safe Halloween!

Friday, 3 October 2014


I simply cannot believe that I’m going into my third and final year; these years have absolutely flown by. It’s weird because when I was starting my first year everyone was telling me that it goes by so fast but I didn’t want to believe them. I’ve had so much fun; it’s so true what they say about university and it being the best years of your life. I will miss it once I graduate! I am thinking about coming back to study a PGCE however, to become a primary school teacher. Working at the university has really helped my broaden my knowledge on what courses we offer and how to apply for them and what you need.

I’m actually looking forward to this year though, I’ve just had my induction classes for the modules I’m taking and they all seem really interesting. If you’ve read my blog before you’ll know that I already started research on my dissertation a few months ago as I really don’t want to get behind on it!

The thing I find the scariest is my graduation, I think it’s because after this I know that I’ll have to officially start sorting out my future as it’s crazy how important it actually is. There are loads to think about, but with a little help from the university I know it shall all be fine! I think it’s even scarier because it means I’m actually growing up!!! J