Monday, 29 September 2014


So Freshers fortnight is officially over! I can’t believe how quickly it went, I was so excited for Freshers and now it’s over which is quite sad. I’ve had such an amazing time though, as I am a cheerleader for the university I had many events to attend and to be honest, even though I am extremely tired, I’m so glad I decided to go to them! We all got to know each other a whole lot more and it was tons of fun. One night we had to dress up as pirates and another we had to dress up as lifeguards and we had so many other themed nights!

I’m really excited for what this new academic year has to hold but I’m also quite sad as it’s my last year. Sure, I’m thinking about coming back for a PGCE but that doesn’t count!

As I mentioned above, I am a cheerleader so we had to attend both Freshers Fairs, which turned out to be so much fun! We got free sombreros’, free Nandos and loads of other things! It turned out to be quite helpful and worth it. We did some stunting and recruited tons of girls and guys and they all seem really nice and friendly. Here are some pictures from the days:

Monday, 1 September 2014


It feels so weird saying it but I shall be going into my third and final year in September! Eeeeek! I literally cannot wait but I know I will have so much work to do once classes begin.

The Dissertation is possibly going to be the hardest one so I shall be giving you some tips on how to cope with the work load (and shall keep you updated as I go along with my own work) and also how to get ready for your third year!

Dissertation Tips:
  • Start sooner rather than later: I started about a month ago now on my Dissertation research and there is still so much to be done! Starting as soon as possible is for your benefit as this means you won’t have a crazy workload all at one time!
  • Know what you’re researching: This is important as you do not want to leave it months and you still do not have a thesis.
  • Talk to your Dissertation Supervisor regularly: This way they know how to help you best and what can be the next step for you
  • Get a list of possible Dissertation books from your Supervisor and hunt through the library for other books that weren’t on the list: This is important; you need as much information as possible! Remember it is likely to be 10,000 words so you need all the quotes you can get.

Most of these tips were for your own benefit as you don’t want to have a breakdown halfway through third year. Plan things out properly and you will then begin to feel much more calm when it comes to approaching your Dissertation and other classes.

Keeping up with a busy schedule:
Everyone has busy schedules in their third year, or even any year! What with work, classes, social life and joining sports etc., it can get pretty stressful. Here are just a few tips to keep you on top of things:
  • Keep a diary: This seems pretty straight forward, that’s because it is! It really is the best thing to keep on top of things and stops you from getting too stressed out.
  • Plan things ahead of time: Last minute plans are great and all but it’s stressful when you need to think about whether you already have plans!
  • Make sure you get enough sleep: Things do not end well if you do not have enough sleep. Things get on top of you and you end up emotional and moody! Get enough sleep and everyone will be happy J and then you’d want to do more things!

Planning for Freshers:
  • Detox: This is soooo important! You need to prepare your body for the amount of alcohol that you’re going to consume (depending on how much of a drinker you are). I don’t drink a lot on a night out but it can get tiring and can take over your body when you are drinking every night. Make sure you drink a lot of water and eat healthy food like chicken, spinach, eggs etc. Anything that has a lot of protein to keep you going! Also try to get a good night’s sleep after you go out (seems impossible I know) but it’s important!
  • Plan what you’re going to bring to your new home (if you’re moving in): You don’t want to forget anything! There is a handy guide on what to bring, here:
  • Most importantly, have fun: Freshers is a time to get to know new friends and have an amazing time. So enjoy yourself!

But more on Freshers in another post!

Enjoy the rest of your summer guys J